2021 Spring Season COVID Guidelines

UpdatedFriday March 19, 2021 byTim Petrou.


*****Please read through this document carefully*****

Dear Travel Coaches, Players, and Parents/Guardians:

     We are excited to announce that Manorville Soccer Club has been awarded the permits for travel practices and home games. In order for the club to keep the permits, we must follow specific guidelines to ensure safe play. These guidelines were given to us by the school (state guidelines) as well as through LIJSL/ENYSA. Please read and follow regulations we have outlined below.

Travel Practices:

*Please follow the practice.

*Players, coaches/trainers, and parents/guardians must wear a mask to and from the field. Players who refuse to do so, may be asked to leave the field. 

*Players do not need to wear masks during practice.

*MSC is asking ALL coaches and trainers to wear a mask during practice sessions. If a coach or trainer needs to instruct across the field, please pull down your mask, instruct and reapply your mask. Coaches must be at least 6 feet away when masks are pulled down.

*Goalies can not spit on their gloves.

*Players should not share equipment.

*Pinnies should be avoided or if used washed after every session, There should be no sharing of pinnies.

*Water breaks should be split up to avoid crowding.

*Parents/Guardians must drop off and pick up. Please do not remain on the field sideline to watch. 

You may stay in your car or parking lot. 

*Parents/Guardians please take your child’s temperature before practices/games. If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home. 

Travel Games:

*Players must wear masks to and from the field but not during the game.

*Coaches need to wear masks at ALL times.

*Coaches must hand ref. money in a sealed envelope or sealed clear bag.

*Home team coach will wipe the game ball off with a disinfectant wipe before handing it to the ref.

* Players waiting to go into the game must be at least 6 feet away

*Coaches who are picking up flags and AED should pick up hand sanitizer found in the shed. Please return all to the shed as you would flags etc. 

*Players can not celebrate a goal or win. 

*Two parents/guardians max. are permitted at each game. No more than TWO per family

*Parents/Guardians are not to enter the field until the game is about to start. All parents and players from the previous game should be gone before parents enter for the next game. Please wait in your car until the game is about to start.

*Parents/Guardians  must be seated on the same side as their team. Players and coaches will be on half and parents on the other half of the field.

*Parents/Guardians must wear masks on the sidelines and social distance at all times.

 Please understand that the school made it clear that If we do not follow regulations, our permit will be pulled. Coaches, it is your responsibility to monitor the regulations. If you have any issues, please contact a board member. If a team does not follow guidelines, the coach’s pass may be pulled at the discretion of the board. Please understand that this MUST be taken seriously. We all want our children to play.


Thank you,

MSC Board