Fall 2019 Under the Lights - Training Schedule

UpdatedMonday September 23, 2019 byManorville Soccer Club Manorville Soccer Club.

MSC Coaches,

The new Fall 2019 Practice "under the lights" schedule is now available and will take affect Monday, September 23rd. As always we ask that Coaches keep to the following policies when sharing field space with other teams to ensure conflict free and balanced field use.

  •  Teams assigned to the Modified U12 and Parking Lots field at Dayton Elementary will share the field in halves, and must make sure to vacate another teams space before their alloted window begins. Coaches should not have to ask another team to move from their assigned field space as it delays practice and wastes precious training time.
  •  Intraclub friendlies are allowed and encouraged during practice times however arrangements must be made with any other teams that would be impacted by the use of a full field. Again, Coaches are expected to work out the details amongst themselves.
  •  Fields should not be used outside of MSC's alloted field times as we do not have permits outside that window.
  • School events always take precedence over MSC training sessions so please make sure to cooperate in the event of a conflict. 

Instructions for the lights...

The keys for the 6 lights will be kept locked inside of the light that is closest to the Parking Lot Field. We will call this the primary light. The combination to the lock is 529. The last coach using the lights should make sure all lights are off and the keys are placed back inside of the primary light and locked. They keys are on lanyards and hung over the gas tank inside of the light.  DO NOT MOVE THE LIGHTS

Before raising the mast check that the bubble is in the center of bubble level. Raise the mast before turning the lights on. Then lower it when you are done. It must be lowered by the last coach at the end of the night. When not in use it will be at its minimum height. 

Please let all players know to be extra cautious near any of the lights. Please use common sense. Slow down near any of the lights. We do not want any player getting hurt.  

Please remember that light rental is expensive and that Manorville Soccer Club is happy to provide them lights as long as we all cooperate with eachother and the schools. If anyone is not comfortable with the responsibilities that go along with using the lights, please let us know. Any issues please contact Jonathan directly at 516-848-1179.

Thanks again for volunteering your time and efforts to this Club and it's amazing players. Couldn't do it without everyone's ongoing dedication and commitment. 

-MSC Board

2019 Lights Practice Schedule.pdf