Practice Schedule Fall 2022

UpdatedTuesday September 27, 2022 byLou Da Cunha.


Please make sure to adhere to assigned fields and time slots as posted on the official schedule. If you are looking to change your existing fields/times, or want to reserve open field space for a particular day, please send an email to

See below and attached for the final 2022 Fall Practice Schedule and other important details. Please contact us at with any feedback or questions. Thanks and have a great Fall season ahead! 

  • Schedule is effective today Monday, August 29th
  • Lights will be available by September 15th
  • U13 field will have 3 teams per time slot.
  • "Mini Field 2" is located directly behind the U13 field and will have 2 teams per time slot.
  • The "Parking Lot field" and adjacent "Mini Field 1" will not be available this Fall due to restoration efforts.

Thanks again for volunteering, and have a great season!

- Lou