2008/2009/2010 Division

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Manorville Soccer Club - Fall 2019 Season Schedule

2008/2009/2010 DIVISION

  • Manchester United
  • Liverpool

Field Locations:

Manorville Parking Lot Field Dayton Avenue School

MYO (Moriches Youth Org) Clayton Huey Elementary School, Center Moriches

AF (All Faiths) William Floyd Elementary School, 111 Lexington Road, Shirley

                                                                GAME SCHEDULE


Sept 7th 4:00 PM Liverpool vs Manchester United  Manorville Parking Lot Field
Sept 14th 10:00am MYO vs Liverpool MYO
  11:15am MYO vs Manchester United MYO
Sept 21st 4:00PM Manchester United vs Liverpool Manorville Parking Lot Field
Sept 28th 4:00PM Manchester United vs MYO  
Oct 5th 3:15pm AF vs Manchester United MYO
  4:30pm MYO vs Liverpool MYO
Oct 26th TBA MYO vs Manchester United All Faiths
  TBA Liverpool vs AF All Faiths
Nov 2nd 3:00pm Manchester United vs MYO Manorville Parking Lot Field (Lights)
  5:00pm  Liverpool vs AF  
Nov 9th 4:00pm Manchester United vs Liverpool Manorville Parking Lot Field (Lights)

Nov 17th SUNDAY

Trophy Day

8:30am Liverpool vs Manchester United Manorville Parking Lot Field



      In the event of inclement weather, visit www.manorvillesoccerclub.com for cancellation information