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Our Intramural Program is committed to providing a safe exciting environment for our 3 -11 year olds interested and learning about soccer and further developing their game.

U4 Developmental Program

Our U4 Developmental Program is open to our youngest players just getting into the sport. They meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays with our in-house trainers. Our trainers will engage our future stars in a variety of fun soccer based activities that will give them a concrete introduction to the game.

U5(Pre K) & U6(K) Divisions

Our U5 and U6 Divisions are open to our Pre K-K players. Here, players are introduced to participating in actual games for the first time. These games are played on Sunday mornings. In addition, U5 and U6 players receive hands-on support from their coaches and our in-house trainers. Coaches are also encouraged to hold their own team practices during the week as well. U5 and U6 games are played on small fields where one coach per team will also be on the field during the game to provide guidance and support.

U7 (First Grade) & U8 (Second Grade) Divisions

Our U7 and U8 Divisions cover our 1st and 2nd Grade Players. The players here also play on Sundays and receive hands-on support on expanding their skill set with the help of their coaches and our in-house trainers. Coaches are expected to hold their own team practices during the week as well. The field and the goals get a little larger for these divisions, and coaches stand on the sidelines during game play. At the end of U8 and moving forward, players have the option of either trying out for one of Manorville Soccer Club’s Travel Teams or continuing with the Intramural Program.

U9/U10 Division (Grades 3-4)

Our U9/U10 Division covers our players who are in Grades 3-4. Game are on Saturdays and/or Sundays, and training and coaches practices occur as well. Players move to a modified soccer field to participate in this Division.

U11/U12 Division (Grades 5-6)

Based on sufficient registration, we will run a U11/U12 program where players will participate in games and receive support from trainers and coaches through team practices. Games are on Saturdays and/or Sundays and take place on a modified soccer field. Teams will compete against each other in-house and against comparable intramural teams in neighboring communities, so expect some occasional out of town travel for selected games.